Hi, I am Angela, owner and founder of Hypnosis for Change.

After many years of working in Health and Wellness based industries, I realized I needed to do more.  I saw a need to really help people to make the changes deep within.  The changes they needed and desired to be the best they possibly can.  I set about changing my own mindset, changed my self-limiting beliefs and made it happen.  The rewards are  amazing and extremely fulfilling.  I now have the pleasure of assisting clients to overcome their challenges, their own personal obstacles.  Specialising in Women’s Wellbeing, anxiety and overwhelm amongst others I welcome you to my page and look forward to connecting with you.

After my own personal journey of self-discovery and personal growth I realized that I had the potential to help many other people.  Accumulating years of experience and learning I am now passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise to bring about real change in other peoples lives.  What we have created is the place to leave your past behind and focus on transformation or inner peace and acceptance.

I believe that if you really want change then it is possible.  At Hypnosis for Change our sessions are designed specifically to your own personal needs.  I specialize in Women’s Wellbeing, Anxiety and Overwhelm along with Weight loss, Fears and Phobia and Stop smoking.  Our consulting rooms are relaxed and private, providing a safe place to let go and rediscover who YOU really are without that problem, bad habit, fear or phobia, whatever it is for you.  The holistic tools and therapies we use allow for change deep within, getting to the core, rediscovering your own resources, empowering you to live the life you desire.  Transition through the different stages of life is often difficult none more so than coming to the End of Life.  I am privileged to be able to work with clients entering this stage offering in home services to support you throughout this difficult time.

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