Frequently Asked Questions

This is not stage hypnosis; Clinical Hypnotherapy is completely different. As it is your mind you always have full control, you will not say or do anything that you feel is wrong or not in line with your moral standing. Even though you are in a fully relaxed state you are still in complete control of what you say and do.

A Clinical hypnotherapist is trained to work with you to guide and make the suggestions after you have had time to plan and discuss the changes you want. You do need to want the changes and agree with them for hypnosis to work.

The changes will not happen. If you are not wanting the changes ie you come to quit smoking as someone has given you a voucher as a present, you may not have the positive mindset to stop, therefore the changes won’t occur.

This varies from client to client. Sometimes in the session the therapist may put a suggestion in that you will not remember. It will still be in your subconscious but not on a conscious level. Most people remember bits of the session immediately after and maybe more later. Some do not remember anything, others remember parts. The subconscious remembers everything.

For me it feels like when you are just about to fall asleep, but you are not quite there. You hear things around you, but you are so relaxed you do not pay attention. We all go into a hypnotic state (an altered state of awareness) several times a day. When we are concentrating on our devices, watching movies or even driving a car. Do you ever think, how did I get from A to B I don’t remember if I stopped at the lights? This is an altered state of awareness, you are focussed on something else and your subconscious takes over and gets you there automatically.

Everyone is different and my clients have agreed that the experience is amazing, it feels like the equivalent of a good night’s sleeps after only 45 minutes to an hour of hypnosis. Many have also said that have an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquillity after a session.

Most people can be hypnotised if they want to be. As you are in control of your mind, if you choose to go against it you will not be hypnotised. If you are open and relaxed, then most people will have a successful session. There are only a few people due to brain injuries and certain disabilities that cannot be hypnotised.

Everyone’s experience is different. You will possibly feel like you are asleep or deeply relaxed and because you may remember things afterwards people think they are not in a hypnotic state, most are deep in trance but do not realise it.

If you approach hypnosis with and open mind and want the changes then it really does make a difference. Every experience is unique as you are. Some changes may be gradual, others immediate depending on what suggestions are made and what you are having hypnosis for.

Depending on what you are having hypnosis for depends on how many sessions you will need. As we are all individuals, we discuss your needs together and make a programme which suits your requirements. I have several different programmes and packages to suit all needs and this will be discussed in the initial free call.

To determine if we suit each other and if in fact you are committed to making the changes. If compatible we then discuss what programme would suit your needs and get you set for your first appointment. It is also important you have a good rapport with your Clinical Hypnotherapist for greater and lasting results, I do not want to waste your money or my time.

Simply email me through this page and I will contact you to make an appointment for your FREE call. We will then discuss your needs, see if we can work together and from there we will book you in to get started, it is that easy. It takes courage and commitment to change and the choice is entirely yours. I look forward tohearing from you.