Two of the most common symptoms of Menopause. There are so many others that go under the radar or perhaps put down to other things happening in our lives. I have heard everything now from body aches and pains (I have been told by my GP this is because I am getting older, hmmmm I have been hearing this since I was 45??) restless leg, tinnitus, low libido just to name a few. Often we don’t put all of this together and we brush it aside. So from all that I have seen and are hearing (I like to base my work on real life experiences to hear what people actually need and what exacerbates symptoms) it is obvious that hot flushes are one of the most common symptoms and also the most inconvenient, not to mention embarrassing. Somehow people think it is ok to make a joke about woman in a certain age bracket about Menopause (NO, IT’S NOT FUNNY). Is there anything much worse than being in public or in a work meeting having that volcanic eruption in the middle of something important. Not only is it embarrassing but there is usually someone there to make an inappropriate comment which send the stress levels higher and the sweats worsen. Who needs that? I am mostly an introvert so this for me is enough to trigger my anxiety and go into panic mode, and that just doesn’t help in this situation. It took a while to find what was right for me and how to control this.

Then there are the night sweats, what is best to sleep in, how do you keep cool, what sheets are best?

You like the fan on, the other half doesn’t! You know all the scenarios; you have probably been through them if you are reading this. So, what might cause night sweats and hot flushes? It is believed that the drop in oestrogen levels has an affect on our hypothalamus (part of the brain that regulates body temp) So when oestrogen drops the hypothalamus interprets this as too much heat and as a reaction our bodies sweat (normal). Good news is this can be changed, we can turn down the heat, it is possible. There is no need to suffer any longer, it can be changed.Certain foods, drink and our lifestyle can also trigger hot flushes and night sweats. When facilitating the Menopause Relief Program we go through this on a personal level to see what your triggers could be.

Once you become aware of the things that are triggering your hot flushes and night sweats there are simple, holistic ways in which you can change this. Hypnosis is a fantastic tool, it allows you to relax whilst you make the changes subconsciously, the choice is yours.

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