I had a great job and that suddenly ended.  I felt worthless, lostand lacked confidence.  I did however have a new loving partner who encouraged me to seek help.  Back onto the medication (topped up) and back to the psych, here we go again.  Same psych different approach.

This time when we metshe had just finished a Hypnotherapy course, I was always open to her new learnings,I was intrigued and we were both keen for me to try it.  We knew, ironically at the same time, this is what was going to help me through, this was a game changer.  I got to release years of emotions, guilt, resentment, injustice, anger just to name a few.  Most importantly I got to move forward, off the rollercoaster, I was excited about my future prospects.  I got my spark back after years of thinking it was normal to feel low and bad about myself.  I realised I could use everything I had been through, all of the above and more to help others.  I started to study Hypnotherapy myself, start my own business and continue with my learning.  It has not all been smooth sailingbut I have learned to take control, know my triggers and embrace selfcare.  I have bad days, we all do and that is ok.   Great things camefrom this, my Signature Women’s Wellbeing Sessions were created, allowing me to assist others to move forward just as someone allowed me to by introducing me to something that really works.