Weight Loss

Do you feel like you have tried every diet, every fad or latest way of eating. Or maybe you just lack the motivation you need to eat healthily and lead a less sedentary life.

Diets may work for a short time but in the long term you revert to your old habits, Why do you back to your old ways? Simply put it is because you have not changed your behaviours on a subconscious level. Weight loss can be easy but to really change the habits and to keep it off we need to get to the root cause of why and change that.


From your very first appointment we will work on a plan that suits you, working on changing unwanted patterns and behaviours. We can simply and easily change negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs.

We understand the challenges, it is a personal journey and you have specific needs. With that in mind we create a bespoke program to meet your needs. We are here to help every step of the way. Hypnosis is a powerful tool which can help you to change your mindset, regain the motivation you need, eliminate negative behaviours and self-limiting beliefs simply and easily.

Hypnosis allows your conscious mind to relax so we can work with your subconscious. You mind is focussed on the task at hand as you are guided to a place within you where you can change old patterns and behaviours, release unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you whilst adding positive suggestions which enable you to make the changes. Hypnosis is just one modality, we use many others to assist you to achieve the best results possible. Eliminating unwanted feelings, releasing, living a life that is happier and free from what was holding you back.


Having an open mind and allowing us to guide you into a beautiful relaxed state which many describe as that place when you are just about to fall asleep, that feeling you get if you like a nap on the lounge. You feel completely relaxed, you may hear everything around you and notice all that is going on. You can talk or even open your eyes if you choose, however most are so relaxed they have no desire to do so. It is when you are in this very deep state of relaxation your hypnotherapist can offer useful, positive suggestions or talk to your subconscious mind. The beauty of hypnotherapy is that although your therapist is a guide and are trained to offer positive thoughts and suggestions (made in consultation with yourself) you are in full control. Your mind won’t allow you to do anything that is not right for you, which goes against your moral standing. Most importantly YOU have to want the change, to commit and the rest is easy.

If this sounds like what you need, then book in for your free Strategy session and let the pathway to a better you begin.

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