It never ceases to amaze me how woman in their 40s and 50s can be so down on themselves.  I figure if we have got this far, regardless of our stories and our past we should be celebrating.  We got this far for a reason.  We are resilient and amazing in somany ways.   Does it really matter what shape our body is, what the colour of our hair is?   I made it this far and there was a fleeting moment in time (it seemed like along time then) when I thought maybe I wouldn’t make it.  Now I can reflect back on life and I don’t know if I would change much, well maybe a little less of other peoplesissues, which I took on at the time.  It was when I had the realisation that I could not change the way they behaved but I could control the way I did and the way I reacted to situations, that was a huge turning point for me.  It took time, it was hard work and very confronting.  Was it worth it, hell yeh!  

When I was young heading into my adult life and even as far as my 40’s I lived my life wanting to be accepted by others, being that people pleaser.  I was so envious of the woman around me that seemed so confidant and in control.  I later discovered that many of these women were not, they had that smiley face mask on, the pretence of a wonderful life. It was all a lie.  Underneath they were living a life of misery.  Too scared to give up the financial security, too scared of living a life alone.  Me being me, there is no faking it, my expressions, my mood swings my weight gainwere a dead giveaway.  I was miserable, I could no longer go on like this.  I chose to change.It created a lot of friction at times. It was then I started to realise my personal strength, I gave all that misery up for a better life with me. With help I became a new woman, no longer scared and insecure (although I still have my moments). I turned it all around and made it my business.  Women’s wellness, Menopause, hot flushes, night sweats, weight fluctuations, brain fog, sleepless nights, relationship issues etc are what I love to help others with.   Many of the things I do are based around my own experience and of course learning, after all, who better to relate to than another woman who understands?  I am continually learning and still discovering new things about me.  Who I am meant to be, how I can use this to help others?  It is a process, a journey.  There wasself-doubt and insecurities, tangled up with the onset of menopause.  It was hard, but the rewards were worth it.  It is a great feeling to attract people around you that are like minded, positive, and uplifting.  It certainly beats the days I was surrounded by negativity and toxic relationships.  Gone is the anxiety and depression, gone is the old me.  I am ready to share and help others. My Signature Women’s Wellness sessions were designed specifically for this and now with the addition ofThe Menopause relief program help is there if needed.  So, let’s do it ladies!   Take back the control, love who you are, no matter what your shape, size, colour or your past history is.Celebratehow beautiful and unique you really are. WE are amazing😊